The Blonde Brigade

The Blonde Brigade is a brand created by Victoria McLeod. As a trained hairstylist & colorist, Victoria has perfected techniques that give her clients that natural and lived-in blonde look right out of the chair. Many other stylists would reach out to Victoria in hopes of receiving some tips or tricks to help give their clients the same look. So she needed a website that not only allowed her to have her information readily available to her prospective and current clients, but also she needed a way to launch and host the educational courses she planned on selling passively on her website. Errive helped bring all those visions to life!


Victoria now has a fully responsive branded website on both desktop and mobile. She has systems on her website in place to onboard new clients and portals to help book her current clients. Lastly, Errive helped facilitate the hosting and sales for her educational courses that will help her pull in passive revenue on top of her day-to-day business.


Visit: https://www.blonde-brigade.com/


October 29, 2021
Web Design, Digital Design, E-Commerce
The Blonde Brigade

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