Song House Live

Song House Live (SHL, songhouselive) is a social media-based reality show where eight contestants compete weekly for a Capitol Records deal. The eight contestants will live and work together in a mansion located in New York, completing challenges and making new music each week. The contestants all have a large follower base as they are Tik Tok songwriters and influencers, so they are used to constant attention, however, there are four 24-hour 7-days-a-week live streams set up throughout the house as well which brings a modern twist to this reality show. The contestants will each share a musical project each week and the viewers, SHL executives, and castmembers will each cast a vote for the winner. The final remaining SHL artist wins a deal with Capitol Records.

Season 1 Cast Members:

  • Alec Chambers
  • Attis
  • Caroline Carr
  • Diego Fragnaud
  • Klondike Blonde
  • Olivia Boeyink
  • Tyler Brash


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