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Monetize Your Passion! The Blonde Brigade Joins the Errive family

Is your business doing it all it can online? Can you monetize your passion?

Victoria McLeod has dedicated these last few years to her passion for hair. Over that time she has focused on perfecting her skills for styling and dying hair, more specifically blonde hair. Victoria currently is a part of the team at Clover & Wooley Salon. She has built her clientele up to a brigade of loyal Blondes. Thus her brand, The Blonde Brigade, was born.

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Victoria has invested in herself over the years by attending seminars and taking hands-on courses from some of the top color stylists in her profession to make sure she stands apart from other stylists. Stylists near and far reached out to Victoria looking to help, asking her to teach them her process and her techniques. This sparked an idea and the next phase of her business’s growth and brand expansion.

Many of us have daydreamed of getting paid to do something we actually love instead of just clocking into a “job”. Have you ever wanted to monetize your passion or whatever you excel at and love doing? This is where Victoria and The Blonde Brigade intersect with Errive.

Errive was tasked with helping The Blonde Brigade take the next steps into growing not only the brand but Victoria’s professional career as well. We worked closely with Victoria on creating branding to match her overall aesthetic. Created her personal website that allows prospective clients to find out more information on her booking and her services. Lastly, we helped Victoria monetize her knowledge and skills in creating beautiful blonde looks. She can now offer educational and instructional videos. This allows other stylists all over the world to learn her techniques and continue their own education.

Monetize Your Passion

By investing in her business and brand by creating her own educational course, Victoria now has a great channel that not only helps others in her field but also has products that work for her and it allows her to receive passive income when she isn’t working. She makes money in her sleep, it’s that easy!

If you have a skill, idea, or brand that you would like to bring to life or take to the next level, we can help! We helped Victoria create a fully functioning website, branding, sales funnels for her education course, and much more. Contact us to see how we can help monetize your passion!

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